Remote Support Services

East City Consulting offers remote computer support services.

$150 per hour
(6-minute billing, 1/2 hour minimum)

Problems solved, no travel required.

Working on a project at home or in your home office? Or maybe you're at your work office and have a computer problem? Most problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes with a quick telephone call, but sometimes, it takes a little more. That’s why East City Consulting offers remote support, which uses screen-sharing technology that allows you to remotely “invite” us into your computer to see what’s going on and quickly solve the issue. Remote services provide you with immediate access to our knowledge and expertise, with no travel and no in person visit required.

Why East City Consulting?

If you’re going to let people into your computer to help you with your problems, it might as well be someone you trust: Someone local. East City Consulting was founded by a native West Michigander and offers consulting and computer services in the West Michigan area and worldwide. Onsite services are also available for those rare cases where only hands-on services will work. We strongly encourage those seeking consulting or technical assistance utilize our remote services by completing the form below.

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